Pump Up Your Pics for the New iPad, and Other News from the Unveiling

The latest iteration of the iPad tablet was unveiled yesterday and the big story was the “retina” screen, one that’s so precise the eye can’t see the pixels. The science behind this hi-tech screen is described here. Already, iBooks and iTunes University have undergone upgrades to take advantage of the clarity of this new screen. Apple says it’s “the best display ever made for a mobile device.”

PRs have been beefing up their mobile know-how and capabilities for some time now. Mobile is kicking into high gear and a new Apple product only pushes things along even faster. In the age of Pinterest, Instagram, and Web video, you have to make sure your content is top notch to take advantage of these digital technologies. Popular Science breaks down some of the issues that magazine and newspaper apps will have with upgrades. Some of the same issues could apply to what you’re working on.

Apple also used the unveiling to try and diss the competition, namely the Samsung Galaxy and the Nvidia processor. Both Samsung and Nvidia unleashed their spokespeople to refute Apple’s claims, brag about their own products, and tell Apple to prove its statements. Oh snap!

Many people noted the lack of a new name for this iPad. The Detroit Free Press quotes a branding expert who spoke with The Wall Street Journal: “It does seem to be a bit confusing, when you have a product evolution, naming is a way to differentiate.”

In a way yes. But when you ask someone what their device is, they say “iPad” or “iPhone.” They don’t necessarily add the number at the end, showing that it may not be too crucial to the product’s branding. Perhaps, keeping in mind that they’re introducing upgrades often, Apple decided it would quickly get into Friday the 13th territory and decided to lay off the numerical designations?

Finally, ComputerWorld points out some of the headaches that could be in store for IT teams. Chances are, gadget-loving execs will want the latest, so this could be something to consider internally for your teams and externally with your clients.

[image: Robert Galbraith, Reuters]