Puma to Be First to Test Twitter’s ‘Flock to Unlock’ Ad Program

Puma to Be First to Test Twitter's 'Flock to Unlock' Ad Program

Twitter is rolling out a new advertising program called Flock to Unlock, and has partnered with Puma for the launch.

Twitter teased the Flock to Unlock feature last month in their video about driving business sales. The idea is to “unlock” a deal only when a certain number of followers retweet a particular message.

As Mashable reports, Puma will be running a Flock to Unlock campaign as part of their global “Forever Faster” campaign. The unlockable content in this situation is a set of TV ads that Puma’s fans can watch two days ahead of their TV airing.

Puma-sponsored athletes, including Usain Bolt, Lexi Thompson, Jamaal Charles and Cordarrelle Patterson will tweet to their combined 19 million followers, encouraging them to participate.

Puma won’t reveal exactly how many retweets are needed to unlock the preview content, but they will display a status bar showing fans how close they are as a percentage.

Flock to Unlock is just the latest in a flurry of additions to Twitter’s advertising suite. From a click-to-call product for direct response advertisers to language targeting for improved ad visibility, Twitter is clearly trying to show the world – and investors – that it has what it takes to make businesses happy. And their efforts may be paying off, if news of major advertisers doubling down on their Twitter investment and Twitter ads’ high click-through-rates are any indication.

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