Pulse Syncs News Sources Across Devices

Pulse is one of the several news reader applications available for mobile devices. Available for Android and iOS devices, a new version has been released that keeps track of your news sources and synchronizes them across devices, which enables you to quickly restore Pulse should you need to.

The news source synchronization feature takes advantage of Pulse.me, which is also where you can store articles that you star for later reading, either within the Pulse app or via a desktop browser bookmarklet. If you have multiple devices set up with your Pulse.me account, then when you add or remove a news source on one device, the same will occur on other devices.

Unfortunately, the news source synchronization does not support a feature that I would find very useful, which is to sync articles that I have read so that I don’t have to see them again on another device. I have Pulse installed on my smartphone and tablet, and if I have read an article on my smartphone and later use Pulse on my tablet I don’t want to see the articles that I have already read.

Pulse is free and the new version is available now in both the Android Market and iTunes App Store in both iPad and iPhone versions.