Pulse Now Supports Reader Lists

I have used both Read It Later and Instapaper to store articles on the web that I would like to save to read at another time, and I also use Google Reader to read my RSS subscriptions. The problem, of course, is that I have to use multiple apps for reading web content, which can be a pain. Pulse, which is a graphical RSS reader app that works with Google Reader, now includes a reader list function similar to Reader It Later and Instapaper.

The reader list function is tied to the Pulse.Me portion of the Pulse app, which is available for the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Pulse.Me was originally created as a place to see articles that you starred while you were reading your feeds, and you can see those items either on your device or on the Pulse web site.

To add a web article to your Pulse.me reader list, you need to add the Pulse bookmarklet to your web browser by dragging and dropping a button to the browser’s bookmark bar. If you use Google Chrome you can also install a free extension. To add an article that you have open in your browser to the Pulse.me reader list, you just click the bookmarklet or Chrome Extension.

To read the articles in your reader list tap the .me button in the Pulse app on your device, and the app should automatically refresh the article list. You tap the article titles to read the article, which in most cases will be optimized for display on the device. In some instances Pulse is not able to optimize an article’s formatting, but you can still read the article by tapping a link to it displayed in a browser window.

At the bottom right of the article you see a button bar with buttons to star, share the article on Facebook and Twitter, or use the Android sharing function (if you are using the Android version). To use the Facebook and Twitter buttons you have to authorize the Pulse app to post to your accounts, while the Android sharing function uses the Facebook and Twitter apps on your device. All articles in your reader list are starred, to remove an article from the list, tap to clear the star.

Unlike Read It Later or Instapaper, Pulse does not have an archiving function that saves an article while removing it from your main reading list. Even though Pulse does not have the organizational and archiving functions of Read It Later or Instapaper, I think it’s simple but functional reader list capability will be useful for many people, particularly for those who have already been using the app.