PubMatic Launches Ad Price Prediction

NEW YORK PubMatic, a company that helps Web publishers manage their relationships with ad networks, has introduced a product designed to increase sites’ ad revenue by predicting which network will provide the best price at any given moment.

The Ad Price Prediction service has been designed for Web publishers that set aside remnant ad inventory to be sold through several different ad networks at once. PubMatic claims it can now instantly compare prices among those networks — using real-time pricing data — and then serve an ad via the network that will deliver the best price. According to co-founder and CEO Rajeev Goel, most publishers typically rely on historical pricing data and not current prices when making such decisions.

The company has been testing Ad Price Prediction over the past several months with a handful of publishers, and those venues have enjoyed significant lifts in revenue, said Goel.

One company that has tested the service is Mansueto Ventures, the publisher of and Fast Company.
“PubMatic’s real-time optimization means that more ad networks are competing for every impression,” said Joe Luna, director of digital advertising operations at Mansueto. “In this climate, with a limited ad operations staff, getting the most money for every ad impression vs. daily optimization makes a big difference.”

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