Publishing Your News Content on the Kindle

Amazon’s made big news in late September with the announcement of their new family of Kindle devices. The new Kindle now comes in touchscreen and non-touchscreen versions, both of which no longer have the QWERTY keyboard found on previous versions of the device. And of course, there is the introduction of the new Kindle Fire, which bundles Amazon’s multimedia services, web services, and the new Amazon Silk browser into a compact handheld tablet. With an attractive price point and a number of solid features, the entire Kindle family will be an important new platform for journalists.

If you are a journalist or a newsroom that is currently not syndicating your content on the Kindle, now is the best time to start. You can request to become a beta publisher through the Kindle Publishing for Periodicals program. You must have the distribution rights for the content in your publication, and your content must be in the proper format (NITF, XHTML or RSS) for submission. Amazon’s review process takes about 3 to 4 weeks, and once it is published, customers can have a two-week trial subscription for your publication before purchasing a full subscription.

Kindle Publishing for Periodicals

Publications are currently only available in the United States, and the program supports publications in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian and Portuguese. Amazon also sets the price for your publication ($0.99 and up), and qualifying publishers can earn a 70% revenue share on delivery costs.

For blogs, there is the Kindle Publishing for Blogs program, which allows customers to subscribe to your blog through their Kindle.

Kindle Publishing for Blogs

Adding your blog to the Kindle store is easy, and blogs are generally available for customers within 72 hours of acceptance. Like the Kindle Publishing for Periodicals program, Amazon also sets the subscription price for your content ($0.99 and up). You will receive 30% of the monthly blog subscription price for each subscriber to your blog. Blogs are currently only available in the United States, and the program supports blogs in English, Spanish, French, Italian and German.

Both the Kindle Publishing for Periodicals and the Kindle Publishing for Blogs programs are free to join.