Publishing Arm of News Corp. Being Called ‘PubCo’

Every new(ish) company needs a handy nickname, right? Well, not really. But they happen anyway. We now know that the publishing arm of News Corporation, which is in the process of being split from the company’s entertainment brands, has — at least internally — a new way to refer to itself. Ladies and gentlemen, meet “PubCo.”

Ashley Huston, most recently the head of communications for Dow Jones Company and The Wall Street Journal, sent out a memo announcing her new role as “communications/PR for the new News Corporation (aka PubCo).”

Like it or not, PubCo it is. Below is Huston’s full memo.

Happy New Year…

After five wonderful with Dow Jones and The Wall Street Journal, I am taking on a new role with the company doing Communications/PR for the new News Corporation (aka PubCo).

Julie Henderson remains the main News Corp PR contact and will continue to handle all News Corp matters until the split, but I have officially moved over and am here for PubCo-specific questions. Contact info below.

Regarding Dow Jones and WSJ inquiries going forward, please contact Paula Keve and Sara Blask.

I hope everyone enjoyed a lovely holiday season and look forward to speaking with you in the new year!

Ashley Huston