Publishing App Expo: App Building 101

For those of you that can’t be with us today, we are live at the Mediabistro Publishing App Expo today. In a session called “App Building 101,” app making experts shared ways to help build apps.

Using an interface that looks like a PowerPoint presentation, StoryDesk lets you create an app that includes video, audio, animation and Google Maps. Why the boring interface? Jordan Stolper, CEO/co-founder of StoryDesk, explains that this to help plan the navigation from the beginning. “Before you start coding, before you start deciding all of the cool stuff that you can do, make sure you build your road map,” said Stolper.

Alex Souza, CEO/founder of Kwiksher, introduced how his platform can help publishers make apps using a Photoshop plugin. “People have ideas but they are trapped sometimes because they can’t go further with the development,” sais Souza. “Why not create an app using Photoshop?” The $80 plugin uses a tool called Corona SDK (you also have to buy Corona for it to work). Kwiksher lets you add the interactive features such as video, animation or music to a Photoshop file and then Corna builds the app for iOS, Android and Mac OS. Souza pointed out that you can use it to make eBooks, magazines and comics. “Think about navigation first, because you can get lost,” recommends Souza to content creators beginning to build apps.

Rafiq Ahmed, founder/president of Demibooks, explained how his tool lets publishers make their own book app adding video, audio and animations. Demibooks is free for DIYers, but they also offer a service to help you get your app published. The company is monetized when they publish your content to the App Store. “When you consider bringing the backlist titles in here you have to think about graphics,” said Ahmed.