Publishers Expect eReader Holiday Gifts To Drive eBook Sales

Unlike last year when prices were high and selection was low, eReaders are looking to be a hot gift item this holiday season. With the Kindle and the Kobo at $139 and the new Nook Color at $249, among a handful of other eReaders on the market,

eReaders are commonly given as gifts. According to research from Simba Information, 1 in 5 of those who own a Kindle received it as a gift.

As eReaders turn up under the Christmas tree this year, publishers are hoping that this will drive eBook sales in the days following the holiday. The New York Times reports: “Publishers insisted that they were not worried about the spread of e-readers. “We’ll see a lot of reading devices under the tree, which means we’ll sell a lot of e-books,” said Tim McCall, the director of online sales for Penguin Group USA. Carolyn Reidy, president and chief executive of Simon & Schuster, said she expected e-book sales to shoot up on Christmas Day, when people open up their e-readers and immediately start buying books.”