The Evolution of Publishers Clearing House

PublishersClearingHouseLogoFrom its 1953 inception and entry into the giveaway business seven years later, Publishers Clearing House has since come a long way.

Per an interview by VentureBeat’s Dean Takahashi with PCH CEO Andy Goldberg, the company currently has 550 employees, mostly in New York, and is hoping that newly hired digital GM Mark Cullinane can successfully lead the outfit into bold, new realms:

Goldberg said that it is “very possible” that the company will acquire game development studios. It has acquired three companies in the past, including game developer Fun Tank.

“We want to create deeper and more engaging games than what we have,” Goldberg said.

Another recent PCH acquisition, Liquid Wireless, has been helping the company improve its use of targeted Apps. Read the rest of Takashi’s piece here.

Correction (5:30 p.m.):
An earlier version of this post, based on information in the original article, stated that Ed McMahon once went door-to-door on behalf of PCH. That is incorrect; it was for American Family Publishers that the late sidekick did those duties.