Publishers Can Monetize Top Links on Twitter with Topsy

Topsy announced today that it will be making its real-time social search capabilities available to web publishers. Publishers can now integrate a Twitter module that will display the top tweets by Twitter’s influencers that are related to their content, and can leverage Twitter’s content to better monetize their sites.

Topsy is a real-time search engine that uses a proprietary algorithm based on tweets, links and other social content to determine the influence level of their search results. Today’s announcement means that web-based publishers can now access these search results for their own site and monetize the content being shared on Twitter.

The module that Topsy is offering to publishers allows a great deal of customization. You can restrict search results to those based on usernames of particular Twitter users, display keyword-based results related to your brand or content, and even limit results to only those that lead back to your domain.

Topsy filters the content within their search results to eliminate profanity, ensuring that it is brand-safe for a publisher’s website.

The module itself is designed to keep users on the publisher’s website. It allow the reader to retweet content, reply to a shared link, and follow the publisher’s Twitter account from within the module.

This news means that publishers can display real-time, popular, and relevant links from within Twitter on their website. Topsy suggests that this module could be used to promote the discovery of content within a publisher’s domain, encourage users to interact with a publisher’s Twitter account, or add authoritative content that lends credibility to purchase decisions.

Topsy notes that engagement rates increased more than 300 percent on some of the publisher’s websites which had incorporated the module, resulting in increased monetization for those publishers.