Publish Your Own Facebook Profile As A Book

Ninuku Archivist promises to turn your Facebook profile into a print book for just $24 annually.

Self-publishing, or paying to have one’s own book published, keeps getting more affordable, and now a company’s offering to do it to your Facebook profile. Ninuku Archivist promises to turn do this for you at just $24 annually.

The company lets you try out the service for free, creating three sample chapters for you to evaluate in deciding whether to buy the already super-cheap subscription.

The three free trial chapters do offer a hint of how automated this publishing process gets. These samples each consist of different content:

  • The text chapter: a month’s worth of status updates, links, notes and posts to your wall
  • The photo chapter: like its name suggests, it compiles all your photos
  • A profile chapter: also obviously named, tells a story based on your profile

If you want to interewave things from each of the three, so you have narrative and text together, perhaps you’ll have to wait for that option to become available in the future. I suspect it might cost more because of possible complexity and requisite editing. The company also doesn’t offer the ability to combine more than one profile on the same account — so if you want to tell a story about your circle of friends, only what appears on one profile would show up in the book.

Despite these limitations, the offering touted on the Ninuku Archivist site still impresses me based on what you get for the price. It seems like the more prolific your Facebook postings get, the better the deal you get on the package.

But I wonder whether including one’s entire history on the social network might cost $24 for each year going back. If you got an account on the site in 2007, would you pay $72 for that archive plus $24 for a year of activity starting today? We’ve reached out to the company for more information so we’ll update the post if we hear back.

Update: While we don’t have a response to our question alluded to above, we’ve found a video showing another variation on turning one’s profile into a book. Click here to see it.

Meanwhile, readers, what do you think of Ninuku Archivist and what it offers? How popular do you think this type of publishing will become? Does it hold the promise for future bestsellers to get discovered, or will it remain the kind of thing people have as keepsakes?

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