Public Radio Player App Gets Redesign

The Public Radio Player, a free iPhone app that lets you stream more than 500 public radio stations has relaunched today with a new design.

The redesign from the Public Radio Exchange‘s app has a new design and a new interface. This includes better search, and improved access to your favorite stations. It also means that you can download hundreds of public radio shows and podcasts so that you can listen to shows when you are offline. Shows available through the app include: NPR’s Car Talk and Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me, PRI’s This American Life and A Prairie Home Companion, and APM’sMarketplace.

Updates also include access to the local radio station’s news feed and Twitter page.

The app adds to the public radio model by letting you donate to your local affiliate while streaming the station through the app. For example, if you are listening to WNYC through the app, you can click to donate to this particular station.