Pssst…HOH to Step Outside the Paywall

HOH: Warren Rojas and Neda Semnani; Photo Credit: CQRC’s Doug Graham

Roll Call’s “Heard on the Hill” gossip column is moving beyond the paywall. Soon the longstanding column written by Neda Semnani and Warren Rojas will be available to all readers, not just the ones who can afford it.

“By moving Heard on the Hill outside of the pay wall, we’re giving more of our readers a chance to find out what is really happening on Capitol Hill,” said Scott Montgomery, Roll Call’s Editor. “Reporters Neda Semnani and Warren Rojas have shown tremendous talent in uncovering the mishaps, gossip, and antics that make Heard on the Hill a must read. Readers can go to Roll Call online, or follow us on Facebook or Twitter, to get up-to-the minute access and information from Capitol Hill’s longest standing gossip column.”

Find HOH here.