PSFK Spends Two Days at the NY Auto Show, Lives to Tell the Tale


You’ll recall that, earlier this year, we gained a fondness for auto shows. So it’s understandable that we’d enjoy PSFK‘s terrific coverage of the New York Auto Show. And they seemed just as interested in things that weren’t the cars as we were, with their topics like “Best Brand/Model Graphics” and “Best Stands.” Because, really, you see a couple of cars at those things and they all start looking the same. Better to focus on the smoke and mirrors. Here’s what they had to say about BMW‘s setup:

Although a lot of this stand is not totally new, it’s nice to see it evolved from last year. The design beautifully incorporates architecture, lighting and graphics. The vehicles themselves were well placed and there was plenty of room to circulate around them. The material palette combined large doses of white with matte aluminum and wood flooring. What really sold me on the design wasn’t even the large car booth upstairs in the main hall, but the smaller SUV one downstairs. BMW got a pretty crumby corner space way in the back. They smartly used the same architectural panels as upstairs, but modified them to include lighting. This way they could easily be set up and not use any union labor to mess with hanging lights from the ceiling. The panel used the same graphic style as those upstairs.