PRWeek Turns 10

prweek 10 cover.jpg

PRWeek is ten years old, and the publication is celebrating with an special anniversary edition and a whole slew of excellent related content. The content is also being offered up for free, as they are removing the subscription wall for one week to those who register here.

In regards to the 10th anniversary issue, Editor-in-Chief Keith O’Brien tells PRNewser, “I would say the most important thing the team focused on was making sure our cataloguing of PR’s past 10 years was not just for the sake of documentation – we wanted to show how all of the past events led us to today and will help to set up the future. Anniversary issues are fun and it’s great to reminisce, but we also wanted to look to the future (hence the “bold predictions” scattered throughout the issue). The PRWeek team performed spectacularly during the entire process – keep in mind we were still publishing an issue every week in the run-up, and I’m incredibly proud of them and the product.”

Asked if this the first time PRWeek has opened up all of its content and if there plans to do so again in the future, O’Brien stated, “We opened up our content for a week when we relaunched the Web site in 2007, and, of course, our news coverage is available free online. We’re always looking for ways to increase our readership through temporarily giving them access to our content, while still making sure we provide great value to our subscribers.”

Now, we know what you’re thinking: the content is excellent, but where’s the party? Sorry readers, it’s unlikely you’ll be invited. O’Brien tells us they’re keeping it to a “small gathering of senior executives,” perhaps in line with the current economic conditions? However, if you’re interested there is still time to register for the PRWeek “Next” Conference in New York this Wednesday.