PRWeek: Media and Transition

prweekmediasurvey.GIFSomehow, amid all of the hubub of the last few days, we haven’t yet had a chance to review PRWeek‘s 2008 Media Survey. Well, we still haven’t looked over all of it, but we will present you with some interesting nuggets of information. You can download the full report here.

On Social Media:
Of those surveyed, 25.5% say they have a profile on MySpace, 29% are on Facebook, and 32.3% are on LinkedIn. While only 8.4% say they “always” use blogs for research, more than 36.5% say they use them “sometimes.” In addition, 57.7% report using blogs to measure sentiment, 38.7% for finding subjects, and 29.5% for searching industry experts.

On the changing business:
More than two-thirds (67.3%) of respondents from newspapers anticipate print circulation declines and increased focus on the Web at their publications over the next three years, while 41.1% expect a shift in staffing from print to online. Additionally, 39.7% of print magazine journalists expect circulation declines and Web growth and 24.2% a shift in staff to online activities. Yet 38.2% of newspaper staffers expect a reduction in staff over the next three years, while only 9.4% of magazine journalists do.

Finally, a choice quote from Huffington Post columnist, and mediabistro alum Rachel Sklar:

My whole life has changed in terms of how I do things. You used to write the words and e-mail them in a story. Now it’s writing it, hyperlinking it, picking an image, framing it, designing it within the parameters of the program you have, and determining if it looks OK. I’m also an editor – it’s a self-generating thing where I decide what I cover.

There you have it folks. Almost all journalists are all slowly turning into web content producers. The more you can help them in that process, the better off you are.