Breaks American Idol Crop Circle Embargo


The Center for Media and Democracy’s broke a Nebraska agency’s embargo regarding an American Idol crop circle.

The agency in question, Swanson Russell doesn’t represent mischievous aliens, rather Claas LEXICON combines.

This elicits either a big fat sigh from us if the agency used the deadly combination of a mass form letter combined with the E-word, or a snicker if it was intentional flame-baiting. We wish it was the latter.

PRWatch’s Judith Siers-Poisson went through considerable trouble to reprint Jennifer Windrum’s pitch and even link to the combine maker. Rather than thank Ms. Siers-Poisson, Windrum commented on PRWatch about how the inclusion in media databases somehow constitutes an agreement to honor embargoes.

We really don’t follow this trend of angry PR people commenting on blogs about their own mistakes. Your better off pretending it was part of your “strategic master plan,” and you forgot to run it by the client first.