PRSA & Twitter

Earlier this week, PRNewser covered Janet Troy’s departure as VP of PR for the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA). At the time our calls and emails into PRSA for comment had gone unreturned.

I then Twittered about the affair, saying, “interesting that PRSA ignores media requests, or at least mine!”

Within a very short time, I received an email from Michael G. Cherenson, EVP of Success Communications Group and 2008 PRSA Chair-elect, saying, “Saw your post on twitter… I’m Chair-elect of PRSA. How can I help?”

Wow, people actually do read what I post, I thought to myself, half kidding. While Michael did not comment on Troy’s departure, he did send me the job posting link, and just his engagement showed the organization is listening, even if it may feel like they’re not.

Groundbreaking? Certainly not. Communications evolution? Definitely.