PRSA T3 Conference: “You Can’t Just Participate in the Blogging Community Once, Then Leave”

Here at the PRSA T3 conference, we’re listening in on a session with bloggers Joel Johnson, editor in chief, BoingBoing and Nick Douglas, formerly of TechCrunch, now of

With the popularity of BoingBoing, which describes itself as “a directory of wonderful things,” many a PR pro will attempt to get their product or client mentioned on the site. However, says Johnson, “It’s rare that I ever get a story that I’m really psyched about from a pitch…the best PR pros, pitches and that kind of stuff tend to be fans of the website.”

“I get a pile of pitches every day that go straight to the trash. You should just send a one line email, saying, ‘I have a product, here is what it is, are you interested?'”

To your clients who may be wary to comment on blogs, Douglas states, “Lord knows we read the comments. If you’re consistently the first commenter on a writer’s post that you’re trying to get in touch with, they will notice you.”