PRSA Chairman: ‘PR Critical to Managing Through Difficult Economic Times’


Jeff Julin, president of MGA Communications and chairman of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) was interviewed by his local paper, the Denver Post.

In the interview, writer Steve Wraabe mentioned a, “New York-based author of a PR-industry newsletter has been critical of you and the society under your leadership for not speaking out enough on PR credibility and advocacy issues.” Hmm, we wonder who he is talking about there.

In response, Julin mentioned PRSA’s work with FEMA after their fake press conference debacle and said, “PRSA has a very aggressive advocacy effort that promotes ethical, effective public relations by responding to various high-profile challenges and programs.”

Regarding the economy, Julin stated, “Public relations professionals support a wide number of segments of an organization with programs in financial relations, employee relations, community relations, government affairs, marketing and more. All of these are critical to managing through difficult economic times and positioning your business for the future.”