PR’s Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions


Now that you’ve awakened from your drunken stupor, removed the baked Cheetos from your nose (and other passages in your body), brushed your teeth (please) and TURNED DOWN YOUR SPEAKERS, we can bring you the Top 5 PR New Year’s Resolutions on behalf of our industry.

Of course you already what everyone and her mother is going to tell you to do: lose weight, more exercise, be positive, give up [insert your vice here] and save money. While we here at PRNewser earnestly congratulate you for making those resolutions, we wonder how dedicated you really are. You might just buy a gym membership, go for two days, wake up on the third with a huge “Screw this” and go back to eating Bon-Bons.

With that in mind, we have developed five attainable goals for our industry that may seem familiar.

Resolve to do these and 2014 could be a great year!

weight-loss-resolution1. Lose Weight — Creating hoops to jump through in exercise can be a good thing, provided you understand that one size does not fit all. However, in a communications setting, those hoops are laced with kerosene that burns most PR professionals. Remove the red tape, agency owners: your team needs instant access, staff empowerment and the ability to have their ideas heard. If you really want to go for quick weight loss, you could always fire that Debby Downer who ruins every brainstorming meeting.

Baby-Exercise2. More Exercise — When was the last time you had a legitimately constructive staff meeting? Usually, the boss talks new biz and success only to shove you out the door for some frou-frou lunch. Try performing a brainstorm for every clients: take five to 10 minutes to figure out how to make each client better and give everyone a turn (even Debby Downer). No wrong answers, all thoughts considered. Who knows: maybe the clients can get a workout too.

negatron optimist prime3. Be Positive — Instead of thinking, “I’m positive that if I don’t get that raise, I’m out of this joint,” try “I’m positive that I will get one great hit each month.” Set the small goals for your metrics. Get that brown nosing manager off your case while still managing to focus on that chupacabra ink, be it an interview on CNN or a TIME cover story. Everyone digs it: the firm for employing you, the client for loving you, the news for working with you and your boss for promoting you. Feeling positive yet?

quit4. Give Up Your Vice — Be it smoking, drinking, porn surfing or shopping online, we all have a vice—and PR is no exception. In fact, some would say that PR causes the vice. But 2014 is the time to find that new leaf and turn it over, because life is too short to sit in a cube and let the walls cave in. In most creative shops, the vice is apathy, lethargy or anything that stifles creativity, but if Stella can get her groove back, then you can too. Sure, you don’t look like Angela Bassett did back then, but with a little more exercise…ah, never mind. Just get back in the game and let the rock around your neck go.

save money5. Save Money — Whether you are the new intern or the seasoned professional, you can help save money for the agency, the client and yourself. Does that new kitchen product designed to eradicate crumb overflow from the toaster really need a national press release? Learn to tell your client “No” and provide better options. The customer may be always right, but clients are different. They need leadership, which means that you can’t be afraid to speak up on matters of mutual interest. Saving your clients money may even help you put some into your own pocket.

Remember: “Auld Lang Syne” may be Ye Olde English, but it still means “Days Gone By.” We know 2013 is in the rear-view, so forge ahead to 2014, flacks. Make it a good year!