‘Provincetown Follies, Bangkok Blues’ Is Free eBook Today

Provincetown Follies, Bangkok Blues by Randall Peffer is today’s Free eBook of the Day.

The novel takes the reader through Indochina’s underworld. Here is more from the book’s description: “Tuki Aparecio did not kill her lover. She did not burn down the Painted Lady–at least, not with fire. Tuki lit up the stage nightly, with her hair in braids and her glorious costumes; glittering, smoldering, singing her heart out for an audience who loved her. She brought the house down with her performances. But she’s innocent of murder, innocent of arson. How can Michael DeCastro possibly hope to defend this beautiful drag queen, who brings with her a whole pack of nasty little secrets, straight from Bangkok’s notorious tenderloin district?”

Amazon and Barnes & Noble both have the free download until October 22nd. The book is free from Tyrus Books. Back in May, Adams/F+W Media acquired Tyrus Books and to help promote the catalog, the publisher has been running free eBook giveaways every week.

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