Protecting Your Brand By Shutting Down All Possible Outcry


An interesting story about the web from Sustainable Is Good about the sugar substitute, Splenda, buying up hundreds upon hundreds of domain names that might potentially lead to negatives about the company. Things like or Beyond just the initial fun of that, the story goes into that “Wow, how times have changed” terrain. And they really get in depth with this marketing strategy. It’s all very interesting. Here’s some:

Judging by the domain names Johnson & Johnson and Tate & Lyle own it’s very clear they are concerned about people targeting Splenda itself, or its main ingredient sucralose. The mere fact a major corporation and maker of a product has bought and owns domain names with their product name and the words “poison,” “kills,” and “sucks,” and “victims” is amazing. Under what possible scenario does Johnson & Johnson envision that someone would create the website “”? This domain name and many others seem to go way beyond a company protecting its trademarks or copyright — these domain names imply a very sobering negative fear on the parts of Johnson & Johnson and Tate & Lyle.

Just so you know, there’s no hard feelings if you buy up