Protect Your Electronics From Theft

It’s the unthinkable: Your music library – gone.

In this day and age of portable digital media, thousands of dollars of music an video can disappear in the blink of an eye. And more often than not, bastard burglars are tempted by the easy kill. I mean, stealing something the size of a pen cap is child’s play.
ihoundThanks to iHound you can now LO-JACK your digital devices. This revolutionary software alerts you when your USB device is connected to a computer other than yours. MP3 players, iPods, Flash cards, jump drives and many phones and cameras are compatible. When set up, your device’s locations are plotted on a map. You will be alerted via e-mail if someone attempts to connect your device to a computer.

This will stop thieves (and little sisters who like to ‘borrow’ their brother’s music) in their tracks.

Currently, iHound allows you to track up to three devices for free. Once your device is located, a printable report is generated that will alert authorities as to where your device is located. Thanks to IP addresses and Internet Service Providers, an exact location can be had. Whether or not this lead-generating data will get a cop off their donut break remains to be seen.

GadgetTrak is a competitor in the device-tracking space. Now the big question: Do you know where you iPod is?