Protect the lunchroom in Cafeteria Clash on Facebook

While the school lunchroom may not be the best spot for excitement, new Facebook game Cafeteria Clash changes that, as players complete food fights in over 100 levels of tower defense gameplay. In each stage, gamers will need to recruit students to toss food at other students, all with the goal of protecting their side of the lunchroom.

In each level of Cafeteria Clash, gamers protect a path full of twists and turns, reaching from one side of the cafeteria to the other. Players can assign knights and food items to individual tables, with each food having different stats in terms of power, range and speed.

Some food items also offer special stats, like cheese, which slows down oncoming students. What’s more, individual food items can be combined (where applicable), to create ammunition with even more power, attack range and speed. Power-ups and special stats, like the cheese’s “slow” ability, are also amplified when used in combined platters.

Players earn points for each student defeated, and receive up to three stars per level, depending on their performance. The game offers over 120 levels at launch, as well as four mini-games for additional gameplay. Players can also trade food items with their friends.

Cafeteria Clash is available to play for free on Facebook. Check back soon to follow the game on AppData, our tracking platform for mobile and social apps and developers.