Prospective Intern Gets AgencySpy’d, Learns From Mistake?

We learned about “HR People Will Burn In Hell!” from AgencySpy; it’s an amazing blog by a recent grad who essentially insults every agency he’s interviewed with. Anonymously, of course, but come on. It’s very hard to keep a low profile on the Internet.

Good old Anonymous Intern posted recently about his (by the way we’re just assuming that this blogger is a dude) interview at Planet Central, a smallish firm with offices in New York, Richmond, and Charlotte. In this blog post, he names the company and the location he interviewed at, notes that he doesn’t really want to work in that location because he’d rather live in New York (admitting that he was ready to quit as soon as he found something better), dissed the office, and concluded that “there is nothing sensational I can say about Planet Central.”

He didn’t get the job, and he’s seemingly cool with that, but this is one of the more reasoned posts on the blog.

Er, was, as the whole thing’s now been taken down. We blame our colleagues at AgencySpy for ruining our fun talking some sense into the guy. If you interview at an office with only five people, it’s reasonable to assume that they aren’t calling in 100 candidates for the job; it’s then reasonable to assume that maybe they’ll be able to figure out who you are.

Lesson: Kid, nothing is gone forever—or anonymous—on the ‘Net.