PropaGannonGate Round-Up

PropaGannonGate continues to churn onwards, with just enough trickling tidbits to keep reporters and bloggers busy. The New York Times today and Editor & Publisher went and talked to former WH Press Secretary Ari Fleischer and found he had suspicions about Gannon’s credibility, and Salon has been hot on the trail of his elusive credential (the credential itself, by the way, sold this morning on eBay for $132.50).

The most intriguing information, though, continues to come from AmericaBlog, where John Aravosis reports that “a news producer for a major network” told him the Gannon had a four-hour heads-up on the launching of the Iraq War:

According to my source, Gannon’s insider tidbits were always on the mark. “Gannon’s stuff was always golden,” the producer says. My source says they kept asking themself, “how does this small news outfit get this info?”

For our part, we’re particularly drawn to this line in the Note today: “Why is it that most savvy Democrats think this story is going away, while some pretty plugged in Republicans say the opposite?”

Where’s this story go next? Put us in the camp of people who can’t believe it’s still going–but we’re increasingly sure that the best stuff hasn’t yet come out (pardon the pun).