PromptSmart Launches Smart Teleprompter App on iOS

PromptSmart has announced the launch of its iOS app of the same name, which aims to be the “smartest teleprompter for the easiest public speaking experience.” Using VoiceTrack voice recognition technology, the app promises to follow along with a speaker’s voice, highlighting the appropriate text in real-time along with a speaker’s natural pace.

Um7L5CF-EX1OYepiUwjErBsEml2zzRR8rh0nhcYC3hIFor scripted presentations, users can import a script from Box, Dropbox, Gmail, Google Drive or OneDrive, or create one within the app. Each presentation can be customized with various text colors, background colors, font types and sizes. Users can also toggle off VoiceTrack and choose pre-set scrolling speeds or manual scroll options. However, using VoiceTrack enables users to go off script and back again without losing their place (as the script stops automatically).

When there’s no script, the app can also be used to follow along with notecards. Similar to scripts, existing notecards and bullet points can be imported from Box, Dropbox and so on. Users can also create notecards within the app, and separate them by project. When using cards during presentations, users can choose to advance to the next card via a tap, swipe or double tap.

Users can store their scripts and notecards in specific libraries within the app, and can record their speeches for later playback, or to practice before the big event. It should be noted that we experienced some issues with VoiceTrack when speaking in a room with background noise (like a loud fan), but the other available script speeds should make up for this issue.

PromptSmart is available to download at a launch price of $9.99 on iOS. This will increase to $14.99 after its early promotional period.