Facebook Prompts Users with Few Likes to Add More Pages

Facebook is running a prompt on the profiles of users with few Likes encouraging them to add more Pages. Page updates can fill out a user’s news feed, keeping them engaged with Facebook until they accumulate more friends and are socially tied to the site.

Facebook recently launched a Page discovery tool called Page Browser, made new Likes of friends generate rich feed stories, and began showing your Likes in common with friends in hopes of getting users to connect to more official entities.

The prompt explains that visiting Pages lets you “see what people are saying about things that matter to you, and discover the people who share these connections with you.” A link in the prompt leads you to edit your profile, but oddly brings you to the “Basic Information” and not the “Likes and Interests” section.

Facebook’s viral nature brings in new users, but until they connect with friends and Pages, the value of using the service is less clear. These users are also the least familiar with the service. By giving them simple instructions for how to enrich their experience, Facebook can mature them into long-term, heavily engaged users — and use the additional Likes and Interests information to charge advertisers more to target them.