Promoted Tweets Went From 6 To Over 600 Advertisers In One Year

Twitter’s president of global revenue, Adam Bain, took to the stage at the Federated Media Summit in NYC on Wednesday to talk about the current state of the company’s advertising offerings – and he’s apparently feeling pretty good about where its headed.

Bain’s talk came only a few hours after Apple announced the deep integration their iOS 5 would see with Twitter, so I’m sure he was pretty excited to share some of the high engagement numbers that Twitter ads – also known as Promoted Tweets, Trends and Accounts – have been seeing.

According to Fortune, Bain started off by piquing marketers’ and brands’ interest: one of the first 10 follows that a new Twitter users chooses is some sort of brand, and between 20 and 40 percent of all users follow at least one.

Talking in more detail, Bain said that, while Twitter measures engagement along a number of points, the largest is click-throughs on links shared on promoted content: 80% of all Twitter engagement consists of link clicking. The remaining 20 percent are retweets and @mentions or @replies. His analysis of this 20 percent is that people view Promoted Products not as ads, but as content that they feel is worth retweeting.

And, perhaps one of the most telling numbers, is the fact that participants in Twitter’s Promoted Product line went from just six when they launched a year ago in April, to over 600 advertising partners today.

Twitter’s advertising solution is growing among marketers, and their plans to roll out a self-serve dashboard in the future will only speed up the adoption rate among brands looking for a social media foothold.

Image courtesy of Fortune