Promoted Tweets Spotted in TweetDeck

ReadWriteWeb has spotted Promoted Tweets in the TweetDeck Twitter client, apparently quietly inserted without any fanfare from Twitter, TweetDeck, or any of the advertisers.

TweetDeck was rumored to be getting the Promoted Tweets sometime next month, but it looks like tests in HootSuite, the first third-party Twitter platform to display the in-timeline Tweets, were extremely successful.

On November 1st, Twitter announced that Promoted Tweets would start appearing in users’ timeline in third-party platforms, initially rolling these out in HootSuite.

We wrote about how this type of advertising was relatively seamless and unobtrusive for the user, but that was within HootSuite. We have yet to see a Promoted Tweet in TweetDeck, so we can’t comment on how the user experience is in this new setting.

However, ReadWriteWeb reports that in-timeline Tweets are only appearing in TweetDeck when a user searches for a particular trend, in one instance, for the hashtag for the Web 2.0 Summit, “#w2s”.

Thus far, no Promoted Tweets have been spotted in the TweetDeck regular timeline.

Interestingly, the sponsor for the particular Tweet that ReadWriteWeb discussed left a comment indicating that even they weren’t aware quite when Twitter would start rolling out the TweetDeck Promoted Tweets:

“Twitter didn’t even tell us — we’re one of 20 worldwide companies in the beta testing — that Tweetdeck was going live today. BTW, we’ve had fabulous results!”