Promoted Trends Now Cost $200k. Is The Return On Investment Worth It?

It wasn’t too long ago that promoted trends would run you around $100-$120k. And when they initially came out, you could snag one for a mere $70-$80k!

But not anymore. If you want a promoted trend these days, be prepared to fork over $200k.

Does that sound like something for only the “cash crazy” to consider? Maybe . . . or maybe it’s an investment you can’t afford NOT to make.

All Things D shares that Twitter has, yet again, hiked its promoted trend price “and are now at the $200,000 a day mark in the U.S..”

Twitter’s newest price hike went into effect earlier this year, and represents a 33 percent increase over the $150,000 rate the company was asking for in 2012. And it’s up 150 percent from the$80,000 a day it was getting for the ads back when it launched them in 2010.

What’s so great about a promoted trend that gives Twitter the chutzpa to ask such an astronomical price? Promoted Trends “are those Trends that sit atop the list of top 10 trending topics at any given time with a little ‘Promoted’ button” – and it looks like this:

An advertiser can buy a trending topic, and basically own the conversation around that topic for the day. One of their tweets will appear at the top of the timeline when people click on, or search for, that particular trend.

Yeah, that’s pretty valuable – and the big names (and politicians) are cashing in.

Guess it all really depends on whether you know what to do with the attention. Twitter’s promoted trends and tweets will get you noticed, no doubt, and with the right call-to-action and marketing know how, the return on investment seems pretty fantastically limitless.

I’d expect to see Twitter promoted products pricing to continue to rise – and quickly.

What do you think?

(Money flying from computer image from Shutterstock)