Prom: The Final Bow

(Photo Credit: Peter Genuardi, seen above with Comedy Central’s Ed Helms)

The above picture perhaps best encapsulates everyone’s opinion of a.) Stephen Colbert’s performance Saturday night and b.) Prom Weekend in general.

So, we’ll conclude our impressively excessive coverage of Prom weekend with the impressively excessive post-Prom analysis by MSNBC’s David Shuster who, in the span of only ten minutes of airtime on MSNBC managed to describe the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner thusly:

“an awkward and strange evening”

“strong world indeed”

“such a bizarre scene”

“one of those weird moments”

“the surreal scene”

“intriguing, intriguing evening”

“such a bizarrre scene” (yes, again)

“the whole thing is strange”

“tis’ just one of those bizarre evenings”

‘Till next year folks…