Prom Photos

Actor Jon “Duckie” Cryer along with assorted gorgeous ladies.

Guests spill out onto the Hilton’s pool deck from the pre-parties.

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Signs direct arriving guests to the numerous pre-prom parties.

Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, pass by the red carpet.

The craziness of the red carpet arrival area.

Wolf Blitzer is interviewed (not by CNN evidently) prior to the dinner.

Moments later in a bit of sweet justice, Richard Gere’s entourage pushes past Blitzer, ending the interview.

Once passing through the metal detectors, prom-goers were on their own to find their table in the cavernous Hilton ballroom.

CNN’s Jon Klein’s place setting, complete with mystery gift.

FLOTUS speaks.

One of the giant projection screens

ABC’s John Alexander with Elle McPherson

* * *

The following people are famous enough that if you don’t know them, you perhaps should read up on your US Weekly (The following photos and some of the previous ones are courtesy of Clay Wilkinson):