Projeqt Slideshows Are Now Embeddable

I’ve been holing off on writing a follow-up on one of my favorite new visual storytelling tools, Projeqt, for one reason: It wasn’t embeddable. But this week, that has changed — you can now embed Projeqts onto your website or blog.

When I wrote about the tool in November 2010, it was stil in beta. Back then, I said:

Because of the ability to insert videos, hyperlink externally, and import RSS feeds, Twitter and Facebook updates, there’s a story use case for using Projeqt in the newsroom.

I have yet to see a newsroom implement Projeqt for storytelling purposes, but I embedded an example below for illustrative purposes. 12/30/2011: Update – Noozhawk, a news site in Santa Barbara, Calif. used Projeqt for its end of the year wrapup. It’s embedded below.

To embed a slideshow:

  1. Click on the share icon on any part of your Projeqt
  2. Select your preferred display size (425×325 or 700×570)
  3. Copy the embed code
  4. Input the code into your blog/website
  5. Manipulate the dimensions as needed.

Now that they’ve introduced this feature, this is one more tool worth adding to last week’s list of timeline tools. Although not natively meant for timelines, the linear structure and ability to zoom in an out, slide through images, and get an overall picture, lends itself toward timeline-style stories. By creating “stacks” within slideshows, Projeqt goes beyond your typical left-to-right, one-dimensional presentation. It provides a new opportunity to tell linear stories through slideshows, while also giving the user (in our case, the reader) the ability dive deeper into individual slides to get more information.

Other Projeqt features worth noting:

  • Ability to add big photos
  • Pull in tweets based on user, hashtag or search term
  • Customize the look and feel with typefaces, body color, background color and link colors
  • Change the display of the slideshow to full screen, tile view
  • Ability to add location (by address) to any slide
  • Add music to any slide
  • Upload a video or link to a YouTube/Vimeo video from any slide
  • Import content/headlines from an RSS feed

Here are more examples of Projeqts. Although they’re not from news organizations, they can serve as a source of inspiration for you: