Project: MyWorld is the "Placebook" for a New Generation of Social Gamers

From the mind of Dave Jones – the creator of Lemmings and Grand Theft Auto – comes a new social gaming experience for a new generation. Dubbed “the ‘Placebook’ for a next generation of social games”, Project: MyWorld combines social media, social games and virtual worlds in one of the most ambitious online gaming endeavors to date. Just unveiled earlier this week, Project: MyWorld could really shake things up in the gaming world when it goes live early next year. Read on for more about what Project: MyWorld promises, and whether or not it can deliver.

Virtual worlds are not new, but the combination of virtual worlds with social media and gaming is a hot commodity in the gaming world right now. The premise of Project: MyWorld is to create a virtual replica of the real world in full 3D, and allow people to explore, build and create. While they are engaging with the world, they can also receive real-time messages from a variety of social networks including Facebook, Twitter and Flickr. These messages will somehow be tied to the location of their poster, although details about the social media integration have not yet fully been presented.

Within Project: MyWorld, users will be able to shape their surroundings – but a built-in wiki system will prevent anyone from straying too far from what is conceivably possible in the real world. This ensures a uniform “feel” while allowing users the creativity that social games are known for. There will also be a variety of casual games within the world, such as fishing, flying and driving.
Project: MyWorld is being billed as more of a platform than a game itself. Its goal is to allow users the ultimate flexibility in exploring the world and interacting with one another, while offering casual games along the way.
The closed beta is just beginning, and launch is still a ways away. The team predicts that open beta will begin early 2011, so mark your calendars if you’d be interested in going on a test drive around Project: MyWorld. If it lives up to its promise, Project: MyWorld could threaten virtual world mainstays like Second Life, while offering social networkers a fun platform that integrates all of their social networks in a single, geo-location-based virtual world.