Project Management Made Easy

Wanna get out of work early? New Web-based project management tool 5pm says they can make it happen. While we highly doubt your boss will let you escape before quitting time, the online system can help you be more efficient.Operating from a two-column approach, the left holds all of your project details and the right indicates the details of the open project. The idea is to make all of the resources a mere click or two away. The main landing page can be resized by clicking and dragging. That same method is used for all files and pages.

You can expect to do all of the standard stuff: view a project timeline, impose deadlines, receive e-mail notifications, upload files, and keep projects public or private. The only useful standard that’s missing at this point is integration with e-mail, something the company promises is coming soon.

5pm offers a free 14-day trial. After that time period, you can expect to pay $14 a month for a 5-user package (the most basic plan). Anything larger than that goes up in price, You can even contact the company for a customized solution that features unlimited resources.

Non-profits and educational institutions are eligible for a discount.

Visual clues and rollover hints ensure that the system can be utilized by workers at all technology levels. Hovering the mouse over a project or task icon will display a window with relative info.