Project Beacon: Does Facebook Know Too Much?

Thanks to leaked documents that Techcrunch has published, Facebook is supposedly preparing to launch an external web activities tracker (hence the name “beacon”). The new service is going to integrate with external sites such as Amazon, gaming sites, movie sites and other external sites to notify your friends of what you are up to. If you thought Facebook already knew a lot about you, wait until they know everything you are involved with outside of Facebook.

Do you want your friends to know what products you just purchased? How about what movie you are going to watch this evening? Apparently updating your Facebook status wasn’t enough. If you thought that Facebook received a massive backlash after the initial release of their newsfeed, wait until project beacon receives the go for launch. Not only will Facebook receive a lot of negative publicity but any partner involved with this program will most likely witness a backlash due to their partnership with Facebook.

While the current details are very basic, users will be able to select whether or not specific providers can automatically publish information their newsfeed or if they would like to be prompted prior to publishing. The addition of a filtering system may quell some of the upcoming backlash but how much Facebook really want to know about us? How much are you comfortable with providing Facebook?

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