Progressive Media Outlets Seek Ad-Sales Progress with Ad Progress Network

AdProgressNetwork.jpgAir America Media, Mother Jones, The Nation and AlterNet teamed up to form the Ad Progress Network, which enables the progressive media outlets to offset their limited inventory and relatively small reach and attract the attention of larger commercial advertisers, FishbowlNY reported.

The idea was hatched at a Media Consortium event, and the network is powered by Adify.

Air America chief digital officer Michael Bassik told FishbowlNY:

It’s the most unique ad network in terms of the way it’s structured. Every day, you read about a new ad network launching with a new niche market. But we’re aggregating progressive journalism content in a way that has never existed before.

We all have an identical demographic and an identical psychographic, and now we can start going after ad budgets from larger ad marketers because we now have the scale to make it worth their while.

We’re confident that we can bring to bear the inventory to fill the needs of large advertisers.