Progressive Man Bites Dog: Forbes Blogger Draws Lefty Praise in Wisconsin

“How The Wealthy Plan to Finance The American Aristocracy With Middle Class Dollars”

Not exactly a headline you’d suspect would come from Forbes–a news source that used to unapologetically called itself a “capitalist tool.” But the headline you see above is just one of many coming from the website of Forbes these days. Lawyer, Angeleno, and former True/Slant blogger Rick Ungar has been taking a more progressive view of the public union battle with Wisconsin governor Scott Walker on Forbes‘ website. And he’s been catching the attention of the locals there.

Inside Milwaukee‘s Erik Gunn profiles Ungar and found out the blogger and his pro-union, lefty posts are making life difficult for Forbes’ connected brass.

Says Unger:

“There have been some articles that I have written that actually were a problem for some close friends of Forbes” – such as pieces criticizing Walker funders the Koch brothers. “Those were the ones that I suspected this was going to be a problem. But it wasn’t, because the lawyers checked out the pieces and they were absolutely accurate. They may not have agreed with my opinion, but I’m very conscious about [accuracy].”

Ungar is one of the few writers of the primarily lefty True/Slant who was kept on when the site was folded under the Forbes‘ umbrella last year. Nice to see he’s sticking true to his roots–even in hostile territory.

H/T Romenesko

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