Programmers Are Never Happy, Not Even Android Ones :-)

Chris Haseman over on sounds like a really annoyed Android developer…

An Android Developer’s Top 10 Gripes

I can’t say I disagree with much of what he says. My own beef is not with the development environment but the fact that some Android developers decided that their app should auto-start without asking me or giving me the option to turn off this annoying and often battery draining behavior. However, my issue does tie in with Chris’ point 4 and 5: Some applications never quit – or let you quit it (and) the collective misue of resources by multiple apps all running in Android’s background.

Here’s my take on these complaints:
1. No one is forced to develop Android apps. If you don’t want to deal with background processes, there’s always the iPhone (which I understand is doing quite well in the app area)
2. I have yet to find an experienced knowledgeable programmer who thinks the platform he-or-she is developing for and the language used to develop it is perfect. Any significant software development effort offers a variety of challenges. And, many of those challenges often come from the platform itself.

If the article was supposed to be an ironically humorous one, I may have missed both. As I said earlier, several of the issues raised looked like valid ones to me.