Profile Redesign: Facebook Considering Splitting Feed and Wall Tabs

As most Facebook Platform developers are aware, a major ongoing project at Facebook right now is the profile redesign. While the redesigned profile page will not be released to developers or users for several more weeks, Facebook has released an updated concept mock for the new profile page tabs that split the previously combined Feed/Wall tab into separate tabs.

As Facebook’s Profile Preview team writes, the intentions for the tabs in this version are as follows:

  • Feed: Previously called the ‘Wall’ tab, this tab has a combination of your Mini-Feed stories, as well as your wall posts.
  • Info: Previously called the ‘About’ tab, this tab has more static content, such as your ‘About Me’ section and personal info.
  • Wall: This tab is new, and is simply your Wall as you currently know it. Only wall posts show up here.
  • Photos: This hasn’t changed. This is just a tab that consists of your tagged photos as well as your photo albums.

What does this mean for developers? Not a lot just yet. While designs for the updated profile page are not yet finalized, more tabs for Facebook features would generally mean less room for apps.

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