Profile Mini-Feed Filtering Proves Misleading

Jason Kincaid posted an interesting article on Techcrunch about how clicking the “X” in your mini-feed next to individual stories doesn’t actually remove the story from your friends’ newsfeeds. This is news to me and it is also news to a number of active developer forum participants.

Much of the debate surrounds the phrasing of the mini-feed warning statement. It states “Hiding will remove the story from your Mini-Feed and prevent anyone from seeing it.” Stating “anyone from seeing it” implies that nobody will be able to see it at all. If it is only from the mini-feed then they should state that. Honestly, I have used this feature on a number of occasions to prevent it from displaying in friends’ newsfeeds.

Now that I have found out that it was actually showing up in my friends’ newsfeed I feel somewhat misled. Will there be another newsfeed revolt? I doubt it but I can guarantee you that there will be backlash for this move and Facebook has a short period of time to resolve the issue. Ultimately, users should be able to prevent all stories from displaying in the newsfeed.

This issue was apparently brought up in the forums back in October but I was oblivious to the issue. Had I known then what I know now I definitely would have brought this issue to light. Did you think removing stories from your mini-feed also removed it from your friends’ newsfeeds or did you understand the message presented by Facebook?