Profile Groundbreakers for The Red Bulletin Magazine

BASE jumpers, scientists and electronic music artists mingle in this pub's pages.

Red-Bulletin-ArtWhat started in 2005 as a magazine devoted to covering the Monaco Grand Prix is now a publication focusing on the urban 30-something male, with 12 country-specific editions published in five languages across the globe. The magazine does still cover nontraditional sports–BASE jumping, for one–but has also expanded into culture and entertainment coverage.

At the heart of the magazine are stories of people who persevere in the face of considerable obstacles:

The publication strives to showcase those who live beyond-the-ordinary lives, thereby inspiring readers to do great things with their lives. Whether readers are being taken to an electronic music scene in Detroit or a nightclub in Mexico, The Red Bulletin is always “highlighting folks who are making the most of life and tough situations or are really looking to expand their concept (or our concept) of what is possible,” says editor in chief Andreas Tzortzis.

Think about this as you send pitches for the magazine’s “Heroes” section, a good place for first-time freelancers to focus on.

Editors are primarily looking for profiles on innovators across several different industries, including music and entertainment. “When I say people who break boundaries, I’m not talking about the guy who skied a beautiful line down an incredibly steep mountain or [did] a triple backflip on a motor cross bike,” says Tzortzis. “I’m talking about the artist that manages to live up to expectations with his sophomore album. I’m talking about a scientist who’s redefining our understanding of what genome performance can be.”

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