Twitter Has Just Updated Your Profile Page. What Do You Think?

In an announcement made live this morning on the TODAY show, Twitter’s CEO Dick Costolo explained that some pretty big changes are coming to everyone’s Twitter profiles.

Namely, we all now have the option to upload a cover photo to our Twitter profiles that will display on, Twitter for Android, iPhone, and iPad.

The cover photos span the width of your tweets, and appears whenever someone views your profile. According to Twitter, it’s another way “to express yourself instantly, anywhere.”

Take a look at a cover photo in the wild, courtesy of the TODAY show (@todayshow):

You’ll notice that the profile picture and bio are still visible, but they now take a visual back seat to the larger cover photo.

And sticking with the theme of shifting the focus to images, Twitter is putting more emphasis on the photos you’ve recently tweeted in two ways: they now have their own box on the left side of your profile page, and they appear directly below your tweets on Twitter’s official mobile apps.

Twitter also completely revamped Twitter for iPad, building it from the ground up and including such features as in-line tweet expansion and support for photos, videos and web settings.

To upload your own cover photo, sign in to Twitter and go to “Settings” -> “Design” and scroll down to “Customize your own”. Just below the option to upload a background should be one to upload a cover photo. If this option isn’t appearing for you, give it some time: with such a large rollout of a new feature, some users might have to wait before it’s visible on their profile.

Yesterday’s wonky bug that saw the profile pictures of some verified accounts swapped might have been a precursor to the Twitter team implementing these new photo features.

Are you a fan of Twitter’s new cover photo? Have you uploaded yours yet? Let us know in the comments below.