Profile Clean-up Tool Coming Soon

Facebook has posted about a new profile clean-up tool that they will be launching in the coming weeks. Following countless complaints about profile clutter and application overload, Facebook has developed an application similar to the Windows desktop auto-cleaner. The application will automatically keep Facebook’s applications as well as the top 12 applications that you have installed on your profile.

All other applications will be automatically deleted. Say goodbye to the “long-tail” of applications. I have a feeling that there will be significant backlash from a few application developers that are unhappy to see their user base drop drastically. Additionally, the number of applications that you can display by default in your profile will be limited to 12 applications. Rather than displaying all applications it will now display 12 and display a link that says “Show Extended Profile.”

This is another change that will significantly impact the growth of new applications. Especially since Facebook will have a number of applications pre-loaded, this will significantly limit the access that new applications have to the profile. There is no word as to whether or not new applications are displayed within the extended profile or within the default area. I can’t help but feel like Facebook is giving applications the boot. What do you think of this new change?