Facebook Axes Profile Boxes, Again

Facebook is sticking to its guns over its decision to remove support for application boxes on user profiles.
Members started reporting their profile boxes had disappeared earlier this month, but there appeared to be a reprieve after a slew of complaints. At the current time, some users still have application boxes on their profiles, but the feature is disabled for new accounts.

A Facebook spokeswoman confirmed the boxes would disappear but did not elaborate on the reasons. “As we announced last year, we will no longer be supporting profile boxes from applications,” she told AllFacebook.com. “People can more easily showcase their favorite applications by bookmarking them, or highlighting them in their application tabs. We’re always evaluating new and interesting ways for people to express themselves through their connections with applications, and we’ll continue to listen to user feedback about how we help make Facebook profiles even more useful and relevant.”
One reader of AllFacebook told us that profile boxes were disappearing from all new Facebook Pages, yet not the existing ones. We have not been able to confirm whether or not this is the case though. There are plenty of small business who are frustrated with this change as it removes the ability to get new fans to enter their email address as well as add other types of calls to action. Whether or not Facebook plans on pulling boxes all together is unknown, however new Page creators have been reporting that the feature is gone.