Profile Banners, IQ, Friends and Chat on This Week’s List of Growing Facebook Apps by MAU

There was a wide and interesting variety of Facebook applications on our list of the top 20 growing titles by monthly active users this week. Everything from app downloads to profile banners, horoscopes, birthday cards, chat applications, IQ tests, videos, dating and more found its way onto our list this week. Data in this post comes via AppData, our data tracking service covering traffic growth for apps on Facebook.

Top Gainers This Week

Name MAU Gain Gain,%
1. Conduit15,581,133+6,573,913+73%
2. Profilbanner auf Deutsch2,296,902+966,351+73%
3. Daily Horoscope1,459,511+920,499+171%
4. Birthday Cards6,990,584+864,357+14%
5. Friend Buzz8,032,593+676,066+9%
6. Profile Banner4,598,806+635,752+16%
7. Intelligent Elite2,008,258+598,777+42%
8. Ravenwood Fair10,618,282+592,949+6%
9. Monster Galaxy6,654,969+592,312+10%
10. Video Yeri2,098,112+587,472+39%
11. Who Loves You More1,279,282+535,484+72%
12. Diner Dash1,445,174+514,722+55%
13. BandooChat3,365,729+507,112+18%
14. Are YOU Interested?15,297,455+412,065+3%
15. Windows Live Messenger16,880,178+390,991+2%
16. Glory of Rome1,269,759+388,082+44%
17. Monopoly Millionaires809,905+383,416+90%
18. TIK TAC TOE1,423,309+319,235+29%
19. Yahoo!11,699,434+297,401+3%
20. Gourmet Ranch997,265+294,332+42%

Conduit, which gained the most MAU this past week with a rise of 6.5 million, is an app that allows users to download a variety of other kinds of applications, such as Groupon, Flickr, YouTube and Travelocity apps for your browser. The app has a Like button and has also benefited growth-wise from a news feed item generated every time an app is downloaded with Conduit.

There were two profile banner apps on the list this week. Profilbanner auf Deutsch saw growth of 966,400 MAU. The app publishes your use of it to the stream, along with the photo album to create the profile banner selected. Then there was Profile Banner, which grew 635,800 MAU the past week; this app had an extra viral feature that spurred growth, asking users to tag themselves and friends in the photos to be used to create the profile banner before completing the install.

Daily Horoscope, which publishes a daily horoscope to your stream, saw 920,500 MAU this week. Rock You’s app, Birthday Cards, saw a rise of 864,400 MAU; the app allows users to share birthday cards to friends’ Walls, even suggesting friends to whom to send the cards. Friend Buzz, which asks silly and raunchy questions about your Facebook friends, publishes questions you answer to the stream, spurring a 676,000 MAU growth spurt this week.

Intelligent Elite is an app that purports to test your IQ, and grew by 589,800 MAU this week; the app has a peculiar way of getting into the stream. After you answer about two dozen questions to get your IQ results (you actually have to login to the web site via Facebook Connect to get the results), the app asks the user about half a dozen questions about their friends. Questions such as, “Who has the best memory?” are asked and the user must tag three friends to progress to the end; using the app once results in tagging about 20 people.

The instant messaging, audio and video chat app, BandooChat, grew by 507,100 MAU this week. Another chat app, Windows Live Messenger, saw growth of about 391,000 MAU, perhaps partially due to the global rollout of a Messenger/Facebook integration. And Yahoo’s Connect app grew by 297,400 MAU. The Are You Interested? dating app grew by 412,000 MAU this week and most of the rest of the apps were games, which we’ll be covering over on Inside Social Games this morning.