Professor Gets Fired for Beer Commercial Appearance

moustacheThe following tale is a not-so-gentle reminder as to how your personal pursuits can impact your professional ones.

Meet Dr. Paul Roof. The associate professor of sociology at Charleston Southern University is now a former associate professor of the Christian-affiliated school. He was fired, according to WCBD-TV, because his face and elaborate beard appeared on a beer can.

Roof’s long beard is apparently worn straight down but in competitions, he waxes and configures the beard into sculpture-like concoctions. He told the news station he was fired after his image was used on a beer can manufactured by Holy City Brewing. It sounds like this was news to him, too!

“My image and likeness, which I do not own, that I’ve never received compensation for and it was a surprise for me that it was put on a beer can by Holy City Brewing.”

Apparently he was photographed at a beard and mustache competition by a professional photographer and unbeknownst to the professor, cans were in production and then he found out his image appeared on them.

He recalled, “I was given an email message early this week. I met with my dean Wednesday, and my answers were sufficient for him… but on Friday, I was called into the VP’s office, and that’s where I was terminated.”

While he’s received an outpouring of support on social media from former students, he’s seeking to receive the same support from his former employer.

“I was told that it was not representative of a Christian environment. And for me a Christian environment entails two things: looking out for other people and forgiveness of others who’ve transgressed you.”

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